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One of the Hunter & Fighter weapons, the Wired lances are dagger-like weapons which can expand when attacking. Overall good against a mob of enemies, better if used 1-on-1.


Wired lances PAs are mostly Grapples, each PA can be used in a numerous ways. The current PAs known for wired lances are:

  • Bind Through consisting of a straight- long grapple with the lances and throw the enemy into the floor. If the enemy thrown falls on top of another enemy, he get hurt too.
  • Grapple Charge a fast moving PA consisting of grabbing an enemy in the distance and face kicking it. if you miss the grapple you will travel a distance and hit nothing
  • Heavenly Fall a close grab of the enemy, launching both of you into the air and throwing the enemy heads first into the ground.
  • Other Cyclone a good mobbing type of PA consisting of grabbing an enemy and spinning it around yourself damaging any enemy it touches and dealing continuous damage.
  • Other Spin consist of grabbing an enemy and making it spin in the same place dealing damage continuously to him, sucking in any enemy nearby and also dealing damage to it, may cause stun.
  • Holding Current an Electric type PA (regardless of weapon element) which grabs and holds an enemy dealing continuous Electric damage.
  • Air Pocket Swing expand and grab the air with your lances, and swing around the air (may move during execution)
  • Cerberus Dance expand your lances making repeatable striking attacks

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