Phantasy star online Wiki

Units are items that can be equipped to armor to improve a character's stats. Units are equipped in the 'slot' section of the armor/frame that is equipped to your character.

Frames and armor can have a maximum of 4 slots, so up to 4 units can be equipped at any one time. If an armor or frame has fewer than 4 slots, then an AddSlot item can be used to grant an additional slot up to 4 total.

Some ability increasing units can be found in the field that have -- to ++ icons with them. (All units bought from the armor shop do not have -- or ++ indicators)

For example... let's take the Knight/Power unit, which as it stands, increases attack power (ATP) by 5.

Unit Name Ability Description
Knight/Power-- Boosts attack power by 3 when equipped.
Knight/Power- Boosts attack power by 4 when equipped.
Knight/Power Boosts attack power by 5 when equipped.
Knight/Power+ Boosts attack power by 6 when equipped.
Knight/Power++ Boosts attack power by 7 when equipped.

Units that increase certain base stats come with a chance of generating a -- to ++ unit. + and ++ units display with a green name.

  • Marksman/Arm, General/Arm, Elf/Arm (ATA)
  • Priest/Mind, General/Mind, Angel/Mind (MST)
  • Knight/Power, General/Power, Ogre/Power (ATP)
  • Thief/Legs, General/Legs, Elf/Legs (EVP)

X/Body, X/Luck, X/HP and X/TP units do not have this, they will always come with the base stat.

It should be noted that this does not apply to rare units (that drop in a red box).