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This article is about the weapon series in Phantasy Star Online; for the similar weapons in Phantasy Star Online 2, see Sword group (Phantasy Star Online 2)

Swords are the primary two-handed weapon used by Hunters in Phantasy Star Online. Their large blade is capable of striking multiple targets, up to a maximum of four. The combo for swords consists of three slow swings, each with a rather wide range of effect.

List of Swords

Basic Swords

  • Sword: The most basic Sword; it has a green photon blade, and is found just about everywhere.
  • Gigush: This Sword has a blue photon blade, and is also quite common.
  • Breaker: This purple-photon bladed sword is somewhat uncommon.
  • Clamaud: This red-photon Sword is quite powerful, but also quite hard to find.
  • Calibur: The golden-photon Sword is the rarest of the basic Swords.

Rare Swords