Rarity 1 stars
Stats  S-ATK icon 94 ~ 141 OT
 S-ATK icon 204 ~ 275 NT
Potential  Potential icon New-Type's Law NT
Ability Factor  SAF icon Body III NT
S-Class Slots  None
Required  S-ATK icon 1
Class  Hunter PSO2 icon Hero PSO2 icon
Grind Weapon  Meseta PSO2 icon 50
 Grinder PSO2 icon Grinder x1
Grind Attribute  Meseta PSO2 icon 100
Ability Transfer  Meseta PSO2 icon 200
The Sword is a basic, two-handed weapon used by Hunters in Phantasy Star Online. Much slower and bulkier than a Saber, the Sword is capable of striking multiple targets at once.

It is the starting weapon granted to a new Hunter in Phantasy Star Online 2; Hero PSO2 icon Hero is also capable of using Sword PSO2 icon Swords, though they use them as a faster, one-handed weapon.


Phantasy Star Online 2Edit

"ARKS standard issue greatsword. Its output is modest, but is a favorable among ARKS because it is easy to handle."