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Phantasy Star Online 2 has a number of Special Enemies; these are enemies which do not fall into the usual categories or are part of collaborations with other franchises. They are typically exclusive to certain Limited or Emergency Quests, and sometimes rarely appear in Free Explorations.

Seasonal Enemies

These are enemies which appear during various seasonal events; they are original to Phantasy Star Online 2, appearing in Free Explorations as well as most seasonal Emergency Quests.



Rappies are enemies which can rarely spawn on any difficulty. They can appear in any field during almost any Quest, replacing a normal enemy at random; they even appear on Normal and Hard. Most Rappies are weak to Dark attribute PSO2 icon.png Dark, though some are weak to Fire attribute PSO2 icon.png Fire. Variants include:

  • Rappy
  • Egg Rappy
  • Latan Rappy
  • Love Rappy
  • Frog Rappy
  • St. Rappy
  • Lovey Rappy
  • Summer Rappy
  • ARKS Rappy



Nyau is an enemy brand new to the series as of Phantasy Star Online 2. He is an up and coming warrior who seeks to challenge ARKS, though his general demeanor seems to annoy even ARKS' operators. When defeated, his crying will often open a dimensional rift which summons another boss that must then be defeated. He is weak only to Dark attribute PSO2 icon.png Dark. Variants include:

  • Nyau
  • Summer Nyau
  • Noiya Nyau
  • Sakura Nyau
  • Luna Nyau
  • Toro Kuro Nyau
  • Sonic Nyau
  • Ceremo Nyau



Emperappy is a massive variant of Rappy which also wears a crown atop its head. Heralded by Rappies tied to balloons, most variants of Emperappy are docile; he will hug ARKS and restore their health, though sometimes he will roll over and deal a lot of damage. These variants are all weak to Dark attribute PSO2 icon.png Dark. Dark Emperappy is the exception, which does actual damage with its hugs and is weak to Light attribute PSO2 icon.png Light instead. Variants include:

  • Emperappy
  • Latan Emperappy
  • Love Emperappy
  • Dark Emperappy
  • Lovey Emperappy

Other Enemies

These are all special enemies featuring special conditions. Some are not even actually fought, though most require ARKS to at least attack them. Tagami Kazuchi and Izane Kazuchi are fought like normal enemies, rewarding the player with a lot of experience or valuable items respectively.

Mr. Umblla.png
St. Umblla.png
Mr. Boing.png
Tagami Kazuchi.png
Izane Kazuchi.png

Collaboration Enemies

Like the name suggests, collaboration enemies are those which appear in Phantasy Star Online 2 as part of a collaboration with another game; these bosses make appearances from Border Break, Shining Force Cross Exlesia, Phantasy Star Online, Final Fantasy XIV, and Monster Hunter Frontier Z. The first three all have rare forms as well, likely since they are properties of SEGA.

Cougar NX.png
Knight Gear.png
Gal Gryphon.png

Rare Enemies

Cougar NX ACE.png
Magi-Knight Gear.png
Gryphon Gels.png