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A saber is one of the most basic weapons available for all classes. The Saber is the starting weapon of the game, for hunters, and has four stages after it, listed below. Regular Saber-type weapons can be worn by any class, but the rare Sabers are usually for a single class (most often hunter, but a few are for others. (e.g. Sting Tip is for forces).

Saber types

Type Requirement ATP ATA
Saber base ATP ≥ 30 +55 ATP +30 ATA
Brand base ATP ≥ 90 +100 ATP +33 ATA
Buster base ATP ≥ 155 +35 ATA
Pallasch base ATP ≥ 233 +38 ATA
Gladius base ATP ≥ 296 +40 ATA
DB's Saber base ATP ≥ 320 +43 ATA
Kaladbolg base ATP ≥ 340 +45 ATA
Durandal base ATP ≥ 360 +45 ATA


  • Saber: The most basic type of Saber. They can be found everywhere on normal. Can be worn by any class. It's photon color is green.
  • Brand: This saber gets a blue photon blade, and has more attack power and accuracy. It can be worn by any class.
  • Buster: A purple-bladed saber. It has significant attack power and accuracy, and mostly found in the ruins on normal, or the forest and cave on hard. Can be worn by any class.
  • Pallasch: A red-bladed saber. It has great attack power and accuracy, especially if you're just starting hard mode as a Hunter, or even a Ranger. Can still be worn by any class.
  • Gladius: Even Rangers and Forces can wear this powerful, golden blade. Any enemies in sight should fear this weapon. Mostly found in the mines and ruins on very hard, and commonly in Ultimate.


There are a lot of rare sabers in Phantasy Star Online (See the pages for descriptions)

  • Kaladbolg
  • Delsaber's Buster
  • Durandal
  • Sting Tip
  • Lavis Cannon
  • Ancient Saber
  • Red Saber
  • Elysion
  • Evil Curst
  • S-Rank Hammer
  • Akiko's Wok
  • DB's Saber
  • DB's Sword (There are 9 variations to this)
  • S-Rank Saber
  • S-Rank Harisen
  • S-Rank J-Blade
  • Flower Bouquet
  • S-Rank Axe
  • Excalibur
  • 5th Anniversary Blade
  • Racket
  • Lame D'Argent
  • Commander Blade
  • Kusanagi
  • Jitte
  • Flamerge
  • Battledore
  • Great Bouquet
  • Galatine
  • TypeSA/SABER
  • Lollipop


  • Every Saber stage has a name that actually means something sword-related (e.g. Saber is a fencing weapon).
  • Though one of the most-known weapon types, they are currently absent from Phantasy Star Online 2.