Striking Attack (打撃力), often listed as S-ATK, is a character statistic in Phantasy Star Online 2. S-ATK is used to calculate almost all melee damage (Jet Boots PSO2 icon s are an exception). S-ATK is used as a requirement for equipping various weapons, primarily Sword PSO2 icon s, Wired lances PSO2 icon s, Partisan PSO2 icon s, Twin daggers PSO2 icon s, Double saber PSO2 icon s, Knuckles PSO2 icon Knuckles, Dual Blade PSO2 icon s, and certain Katana PSO2 icon s, as well as for using striking Photon Art discs. Only S-ATK from class levels, passive skills, and an equipped Mag contribute towards the equipment conditions.

The Hunter and Fighter classes are associated with a high S-ATK stat, while some Techers, Bravers, and Bouncers also have a lot. If a MAG owner has the Braver Mag skill in an active skill tree, an equipped Mag also adds part of its dexterity support level to its owner's S-ATK.

Skills that raise S-ATKEdit

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