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This article is about the weapon series in Phantasy Star Online; for the similar weapons in Phantasy Star Online 2, see Rod group (Phantasy Star Online 2)

Rods are the second-most common weapon for Forces in Phantasy Star Online. They are large, two-handed poles which assist in the casting of spells, but are not required. Rods may also be used to bash opponents with a three-hit combo, though attacks are rather weak.

List of Rods

Basic Rods

  • Rod- The most basic Rod, it uses green photon energy.
  • Pole- A common Rod that uses blue photon energy.
  • Pillar- An uncommon Rod with purple photon energy.
  • Striker- A rare Rod using red photon energy to cast Techniques.

Rare Rods


  • Rods, Canes, and Wands were the only weapons not have five basic weapons, sporting only four each