This article is about the series of weapons in Phantasy Star Online; for the similar weapons in Phantasy Star Online 2, see Assault Rifle group

Rifles are the secondary weapon for the Ranger class in Phantasy Star Online. Rifles are average-sized guns which may only shoot one target at a time, but have a range much longer than that of Handguns. Each shot is identical, but there is a pause after every third.

List of RiflesEdit

Basic RiflesEdit

  • Rifle- A green-photon Rifle that is easily found anywhere.
  • Sniper- Shoots a blue bullet, and is found commonly.
  • Blaster- A semi-powerful purple-photon Rifle that is uncommon.
  • Beam- A powerful Rifle that shoots red bullets, and is quite hard to find.
  • Laser- A rare Rifle with a golden bullet and photon barrel.

Rare RiflesEdit

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