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Ranger PSO2 icon.png Ranger is one of nine playable classes in Phantasy Star Online 2. Alongside Hunter Hunter, Force Force, Braver PSO2 icon.png Braver, Bouncer PSO2 icon.png Bouncer, and Summoner PSO2 icon.png Summoner, Ranger may be chosen upon creating a new character

Reprising its role from the first game, Ranger is geared towards long-range combat, using various ranged weapons to shoot enemies from a distance.



Rangers may wield Assault Rifles Assault Rifles, Launchers Launchers, and Gunslashes Gunslashes, as well as use the corresponding Photon Arts. Any multiclass weapon with Ranger applied to it may be wielded as well, but the Photon Arts will be unavailable unless the subclass allows for it.


Rangers have high R-ATK icon.png R-ATK and R-DEF icon.png R-DEF, in exchange for low T-ATK icon.png T-ATK, S-DEF icon.png S-DEF and T-DEF icon.png T-DEF. Initial level 1 statistics are listed below.

Human Newman Deuman CAST
  Male   Female   Male   Female   Male   Female   Male   Female
HP 189 187 171 169 192 190 172 171
PP 100 100 100 100 100 100 100 100
S-ATK icon.png S-ATK 84 81 81 81 85 84 86 85
R-ATK icon.png R-ATK 92 92 91 91 93 94 93 94
T-ATK icon.png T-ATK 72 74 77 79 69 69 75 75
DEX icon.png DEX 95 96 94 94 97 97 95 96
S-DEF icon.png S-DEF 94 90 90 90 94 90 90 90
R-DEF icon.png R-DEF 90 90 94 90 90 94 90 90
T-DEF icon.png T-DEF 72 75 72 75 68 68 72 72
Main Class icon.png Classes Subclass icon.png
 Hunter Hunter
 Fighter PSO2 icon.png Fighter
 Braver PSO2 icon.png Braver
 Hero PSO2 icon.png Hero
 Ranger Ranger
 Gunner PSO2 icon.png Gunner
 Bouncer PSO2 icon.png Bouncer
 Phantom Phantom
 Force Force
 Techtor PSO2 icon.png Techer
 Summoner PSO2 icon.png Summoner
 Etoile PSO2 icon.png Etoile
Swords Swords
Wired Lances Wired Lances
Partizans Partizans
Twin Daggers Twin Daggers
Double Sabers Double Sabers
Knuckles Knuckles
Katanas Katanas
Dual Blades Dual Bladess
Gunslashes Gunslashes
Assault Rifles Assault Rifles
Launchers Launchers
Twin Machineguns T. Machineguns
Rods Rods
Talises Talises
Wands Wands
Bullet Bows Bullet Bows
Jet Boots Jet Boots
Weapon Camo PSO2 icon.png Weapon Camos
Takts Takts Pets Pets Pets Candy
Unit Rear PSO2 icon.png Rear Unit
Unit Sub PSO2 icon.png Sub Unit
Unit Arm PSO2 icon.png Arm Unit Unit Leg PSO2 icon.png Leg Unit
Skill Ring PSO2 icon.png Skill Ring
Consumable icon.png Consumables
Disk PSO2 icon.png Photon Arts
Quest Item icon.png Quest Item
Ticket icon.png Tickets
Compound attribute PSO2 icon.png Techniques
Material icon.png Gathering
Item Lab
Grinder PSO2 icon.png Grind Weapon
Ability icon.png Ability Transfer
Weapon Extension icon.png Weapon Extension
Photon Art Customization icon.png PA Crafting
Grinder PSO2 icon.png Grind Attribute
Timed Ability icon.png Timed Ability
Unit Extension icon.png Unit Extension
Technique Customization icon.png Tech Crafting
Costume icon.png M Costumes
Body Part icon.png CAST Parts
Costume icon.png F Costumess
Base Wear icon.png Layering Wear
My Room
Room Goods icon.png Scenery Change
Furniture icon.png Furniture
Music Disc icon.png Music Discs