A partner card or PC allows a player to invite the corresponding non-player character (NPC) or friend partner.

To invite an NPC to the party, use the partner terminal, which is located inside the campship under the left window. Multiple NPCs can be added to the party, subject to the maximum party size of four.

The friend partner system is similar, allowing players to register NPC versions of characters, and party with NPC versions of other player characters.

List of partner cards

NPC partners in Phantasy Star Online 2 [edit]
Partner Class Partner card acquisition
Afin Ranger PSO2 icon Impact of One's First Battle
Aki Ranger PSO2 icon Proud Scales of Amduscia
Azanami Braver PSO2 icon Our Joint Struggle
Barbara Techtor PSO2 icon Don't Give Up, Student
Echo Force PSO2 iconHunter PSO2 icon Seeking the Trivial
Fourier Ranger PSO2 icon Sands, Machines, and...
Jean Ranger PSO2 icon Using Partner Characters!
Joszef Fighter PSO2 icon Why Not Fight Together?
Klotho Gunner PSO2 icon Maybe We Should Team Up?
Kuro Ranger PSO2 icon Arks Ship Investigation, Nya!
Light Force PSO2 icon Proud Scales of Amduscia
Lisa Ranger PSO2 icon Assault Rifles Are Used Like This!
Launchers Are Used Like This!
Gunslashes Are Used Like This!
Marlu Force PSO2 icon Rules of the Rod
Rules of the Talis
Ohza Hunter PSO2 icon Handling Swords
Handling Partizans
Handling Wired Lances
Patty Fighter PSO2 icon Lend us a Hand!
Quna Fighter PSO2 icon Our Final Farewell
Revelle Fighter PSO2 icon How About We Team Up?
Tea Force PSO2 icon Lend us a Hand!
Toro Force PSO2 icon Are Monomates Tasty?
Zeno Hunter PSO2 icon Killing Time on Naberius