Oceanids are a series of chimera developed by the Photoners to inhabit the artificial planet Wopal; they can be found in Coast, Seabed, and Facility. The planet is home to numerous species of varying shapes and sizes, most of which change their behavior depending on the time of day or water level.

Coast Oceanids

There isn't a particular theme to the Oceanids, though many of those found in Coast are based on marine life commonly found in shallower water and higher levels of the ocean. They are all weak to Fire attribute PSO2 icon.png Fire and Ice attribute PSO2 icon.png Ice.

Rare Enemies

Seabed Oceanids

Oceanids found in Seabed tend to be designed after marine life known to live deep underwater; many have bioluminescent parts and other odd appendages. They are all weak only to Ice attribute PSO2 icon.png Ice, except for Vid Gilos whose weakness is different for each head.

Rare Enemies

Facility Oceanids

Facility is one of the actual laboratories once used by the Photoners; it is therefore home to some of the strangest Oceanids of them all, many of which seem to mimic humanity. They are all weak to Ice attribute PSO2 icon.png Ice.

Rare Enemies

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