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Natives are a type of enemy returning from Phantasy Star Online. They inhabit the Forests and Tundras of Naberius in Phantasy Star Online 2, and are occasionally found wandering the Ruins area.

Forest Natives

These are the first species of enemy ARKS will encounter when traveling through the Forest; most are based on animals found in real life forests and jungles. Barring the bosses, all of them are weak to Fire attribute PSO2 icon.png Fire and Wind attribute PSO2 icon.png Wind.

Nab Rappy.png
Fang Banshee.png
Fang Banther.png

Rare Enemies

Bantha Donna.png
Bantha Ong.png

Tundra Natives

Natives found in the Tundra field have adapted to the cold weather, but many draw similarities from thoseof the Forest field. They are all weak to Fire attribute PSO2 icon.png Fire.

King Yedi.png
De Malmoth.png
Snow Banshee.png
Snow Banther.png

Rare Enemies

Dal Malri.png
Bantha Elena.png
Bantha Oran.png

Special Natives

The following Rockbear variants were exclusive to a series of Limited Quests. Thunder Rockbear is weak to Lightning attribute PSO2 icon.png Bolt and Fire attribute PSO2 icon.png Fire, while Mint Rockbear is weak to Dark attribute PSO2 icon.png Dark and Fire attribute PSO2 icon.png Fire.

Thunder Rockbear.png
Mint Rockbear.png