The Machines are a type of enemy ARKS face in the Desert, Tuennsl, and Quarry fields of Lillipa. They are mechanized security constructs, which have fallen influence to the Darkers as other enemies have in Phantasy Star Online 2. All Machines are weak to Lightning attribute PSO2 icon.png Bolt without exception.

Desert Machines

These Machines were not normally located in the Desert, but rather have climbed up to the surface from the Tunnels beneath the surface and continue to act unpredictably under the Darker influence.

Tunnels Machines

The Machines located here were once intended to be security drones, but the Darker influence eventually grew too strong within them and has since caused them to go berserk; they attack anything and everything that moves, be they ARKS or Darkers. All four Desert Machines also appear in Tunnels.

Rare Enemies

Quarry Machines

These Machines are responsible for patrolling and protecting the abandoned mining field known as the Quarry. While most of them are unique, a few of them are modified models of those found in the Tunnels area. Spardan A and Spargun can sometimes appear as well.

Rare Enemies

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