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Lyra is one possible evolution of a Mag.When the mag reaches level 30, if the mag has leveled Striking the most, it will become a Lyra and will provide the player with a S-ATK bonus while equipped. Lyras attack using Force Punch, which is a melee attack with knockdown. Lyras also learn the HP Recovery J trigger action. Finally, Lyras uses the Helix Phantom Beast, which uses the Helix-Proi Photon Blast.

Once Lyra reaches level 100, it can evolve again. Depending on Support Levels, Lyras can evolve into Delphinus, Cygnus, or Libra. This evolution would give the mag another trigger action, a different auto action and possibly change what Photon Blast it used.

Lyra evolves into Delphinus if Striking is still heavily focused, exceeding Ranged or Technique, even when either is supplemented by Dexterity. Lyra evolves into Cygnus if Lyra's Ranged level is higher than the combined levels of Technique and Dexterity or if the Ranged and Dexterity, combined, are higher than Striking. Lyra will evolve into Libra if Lyra's Technique level exceeds the Ranged level or if Technique and Dexterity, combined, exceed Striking.

Tier 1
Level 1

Tier 2
Level 30

Tier 3
Level 100


Mag (マグ)


Lyra (ライラ)


Delphinus (ドルフィヌス)


Cygnus (キグナス)


Libra (ライブラ)