A login stamp is awarded to a Phantasy Star Online 2 account on each day that account logs in any character. An account can get only one login stamp per day.

An account's login stamps can be viewed on the login stamp card in the information menu. The card holds up to 50 stamps, and a new card is started when the current card is full.

Items are given as rewards for every 5 stamps collected. These items are placed in the inventory of the currently logged in character.

Stamps Reward
5 2 Experience gained +75%
10 2 Rare drop rate boost +75%
15 1 Tri boost +50%
20 1 Half doll
25 2 Grind success rate +10%
30 1 Grind risk reduction (+2)
35 2 Ability success rate +10%
40 2 Excube
45 1 Tri boost +100%
50 1 Rare drop rate boost +250%

See alsoEdit

  • Login bonus, FUN points awarded depending on consecutive days logged in