Phantasy Star Online Episode I features four locations, Episode II features five, Episode III features many, and Episode IV features six. The levels are freely accessable, once the player has beaten the boss in the previous level. Phantasy Star Online presents an unusual level-design; each level has multiple possible routes, but the map is always the same. The location of enemies, boxes, warps, and locked doors changes between each route, but the order of rooms is always the same. Quests can also change the order of a level, and introduce previously unknown areas. Difficulty, however, does not affect the layout. Each level contains a boss at the end, usually matching the creature type of that level.

Episode IEdit

In Phantasy Star Online Episode I, the levels are as follows:

  • Forest (creatures are normally of "Native" types)
    • Forest 1
    • Forest 2
    • Central Dome (Boss room)
  • Caves (creatures are normally of "A.Beast" type)
    • Caves 1
    • Caves 2
    • Caves 3
    • Sewers (Boss room)
  • Mines (creatures are normally of "Machine" type)
    • Mines 1
    • Mines 2
    • Control Room (Boss room)
  • Ruins (creatures are normally of "Dark" type)
    • Ruins 1
    • Ruins 2
    • Ruins 3
    • ???? (Boss room)

Episode IIEdit

Phantasy Star Online Episode II features the levels:

  • VR Spaceship (creatures of varying types)
    • Spaceship Alpha
    • Spaceship Beta
  • VR Temple (creatures of varying types)
    • Temple Alpha
    • Temple Beta
  • Seabed (creatures are of "Dark" or "A. Beast" types)
    • Seabed Upper
    • Seabed Lower
  • Central Control Area (creatures are of "Native" or "A. Beast" types)
    • Jungle East
    • Jungle North
    • Seaside
    • Mountain
  • Control Tower (creatures are of "Dark", "A. Beast", or "Machine" types)
    • East Tower
    • West Tower

Episode IIIEdit

Episode IVEdit