The Kuronites are the black faction opposite the Shironians, the white faction, in Phantasy Star Online 2. They inhabit the planet Harkotan, and have long upheld an era of peace between their people. Dark Falz Double devoured the entire Kuronite race, and created duplicates of them all to wage war against the Shironian people for their own amusement. Because of this, Kuronites actually fight on the same side as Darkers, combating both ARKS and other native species alike.


While not Kuronites themselves, they are treated quite similarly to enemies; they are similar to Kuronites in all but color, and join ARKS during certain Emergency Trials in Shironia. Kotoshiro, on the other hand, is exclusively allied with the player during certain Story Quests. They are believed to be weak to Dark attribute PSO2 icon.png Dark.

Shironia Kuronites

The following Kuronites appear within Shironia, invading the territory as part of Dark Falz Double's game. They generally have titan-like appearances, though a few seem to take after yōkai. They are all weak to Dark attribute PSO2 icon.png Dark, while the bosses are also weak to Ice attribute PSO2 icon.png Ice and Fire attribute PSO2 icon.png Fire respectively.

Rare Enemies

Kuron Kuronites

While traveling through the home territory of the Kuronites, Kuron, ARKS will come across many more members of the species who resemble legendary yōkai and other spirits. They are all weak only to Dark attribute PSO2 icon.png Dark.

Rare Enemies


Magatsu is an ancient god of destruction that has been sealed for eons by the priestess Sukunahime. Dark Falz Double devoured a small fraction of Magatsu's power that escaped the seal, using it to generate an army of clones to invade the Shironian Fortress. He and all of his related enemies are weak only to Light attribute PSO2 icon.png Light.

Related Enemies

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