Handguns are one of the basic weapons of Phantasy Star Online. They are the first weapon received by rangers, and can be worn by any class. Like a Saber, there are five basic stages, and quite a few rare varieties. They can be obtained quite easily.

Main StagesEdit

  • Handgun- The Handgun is the first Handgun. Although redundant, it is quite true. Handguns are useful in the fact that they can be obtained anywhere, and are a ranged weapon with no bullet limit.
  • Autogun- The Autogun is the second stage of Handgun. It has a blue photon barrel, and launches blue bullets. It is more powerful than the Handgun, but is harder to find.
  • Lockgun- The Lockgun, the third stage, is even more powerful with its purple photon barrel and bullets. It is even harder to find than the Autogun.
  • Railgun- Even rarer than the Lockgun is the Railgun. With its red photon barrel and bullet, it is quite hard to find.
  • Raygun- Gold usually represents the best, and Phantasy Star Online is no different; the golden barrel and bullet of the Raygun is the most deadly of all basic Handguns, but it is very hard to find.

Rare HandgunsEdit

The following are rare Handguns that can only be worn by certain classes, mostly rangers.