Gifoie PSO2 icon
Spinning fireballs
Element Fire
First Appeared in PSO Episode I
Phantasy Star Online
Power  ?
PP Cost  ?
Classes Forces
Phantasy Star Online 2
Power 650 at level 17
DEX Modifier 100%
PP Cost 23 at level 17
Burn 20% at level 17
Charge Time 1 second
Rarity Common

Gifoie ギ・フォイエ is a basic offensive fire technique, common throughout all difficulties. It uses the photons in the air around it to generate balls of fire, which circle around the user to hit nearby targets.

Gifoie damages all targets near its center. If charged, it deals damage over three pulses, which each pulse having a slightly larger area of effect. Because charged Gifoie deals damage multiple times, it is relatively reliable for inflicting the burn status.