Gathering is a new system introduced early on during the span of REBORN:Episode 4. Implemented in the March 9th, 2016 update, it is a system through which the player is able to gather materials for making Cuisine and Skill Rings. The player may fish by using Fishing Rods and harvest by using Pickaxes. Earning the specified number of achievements will provide a level up.


Fishing will yield Fish, Shellfish, Crustaceans, and Molluscs, while harvesting will yield Ores, Gems, Vegetables, Fruits, and Grains. The player may perform these actions by accessing the designated spot across the Free Exploration map. After three uses, the spot will disappear. A Fever can trigger after either type of gathering is performed, and building up to a combo of 25 guarantees it. A Fever's duration is one minute, with an extra second for each level of both Harvesting and Fishing.

The player is granted 100 stamina for each action. A single collection will require 10 stamina, and it takes three minutes to regenerate 1. If Harvesting or Fishing levels up, the player will gain 100 stamina, filling beyond 100 if needed (though it will fall back to exactly 100 if the player leaves the field). It is also possible to replenish stamina by 20 or 50 by using the designated items received from various achievements and Titles. Alternatively, Star Gems may be spent to replenish stamina as well. The first two in a day cost 10, while the next two cost 20, then 30, 40, 50, 50, and 70; any further refills cost the full price of 150 SG.

List of MaterialsEdit


Material Size Category Field
Coast Salt Medium Ore Coast Field
Naberius Rock Small Ore 100px 100px Ruins Field
Amduscia Rock Large Ore 100px
Lillipa Rock Small Ore 100px Quarry Field
Vopar Rock Large Ore Coast Field Facility Field
Earth Rock Medium Ore Tokyo Field Las Vegas Field
Forest Emerald Medium Gem 100px
Tundra Amber Medium Gem 100px
Ruins Amethyst Large Gem Ruins Field
Caves Garnet Small Gem 100px
Desert Topaz Medium Gem 100px
Quarry Lapis Lazuli Small Gem Quarry Field
Coast Sapphire Small Gem Coast Field
Facility Tourmaline Huge Gem Facility Field
Tokyo Opal Large Gem Tokyo Field
Las Vegas Diamond Huge Gem Las Vegas Field
Forest Tomato Large Vegetable 100px
Tundra Green Onion Medium Vegetable 100px
Ruins Onion Medium Vegetable Ruins Field
Naberius Dake Medium Vegetable 100px 100px Ruins Field
Caves Pumpkin Large Vegetable 100px
Desert Pepper Small Vegetable 100px
Quarry Potato Medium Vegetable Quarry Field
Quarry Pepper Small Vegetable Quarry Field
Facility Mint Small Vegetable Facility Field
Facility Turnip Medium Vegetable Facility Field
Tokyo Wasabi Medium Vegetable Tokyo Field
Las Vegas Lettuce Medium Vegetable Las Vegas Field
Tundra Apple Small Fruit 100px
Ruins Grapes Medium Fruit Ruins Field
Caves Pineapple Large Fruit 100px
Desert Mango Large Fruit 100px
Coast Olive Large Fruit Coast Field
Forest Rice Medium Grain 100px
Ruins Wheat Large Grain Ruins Field
Tokyo Soybean Small Grain Tokyo Field
Las Vegas Corn Large Grain Las Vegas Field
Amduscia Scale Huge N/A 100px
Lillipa Vest Small N/A 100px Quarry Field
Vopar Shell Medium N/A Coast Field Facility Field
Empty Bottle Small N/A Tokyo Field Las Vegas Field


Material Size Category Field
Forest Sweetfish Small Fish 100px
Forest Tuna Large Fish 100px
Forest Yellowtail Medium Fish 100px
Tundra Herring Medium Fish 100px
Tundra Smelt Medium Fish 100px
Tundra Bonito Large Fish 100px
Ruins Alfonsino Medium Fish Ruins Field
Ruins Salmon Large Fish Ruins Field
Caves Char Medium Fish 100px
Caves Arowana Large Fish 100px
Desert Flounder Medium Fish 100px
Desert Flying Fish Medium Fish 100px
Quarry Cutlass Medium Fish Quarry Field
Quarry Eel Small Fish Quarry Field
Quarry Shark Large Fish Quarry Field
Coast Clovers Large Fish Coast Field
Facility Sardine Small Fish Facility Field
Vopar Shark Huge Fish Coast Field Facility Field
Tokyo Tuna Large Fish Tokyo Field
Tokyo Seabream Medium Fish Tokyo Field
Vegas Striped Bass Medium Fish Las Vegas Field
Vegas Bass Medium Fish Las Vegas Field
Vegas Shark Huge Fish Las Vegas Field
Tundra Clione Small Shellfish 100px
Caves Mussel Medium Shellfish 100px
Lillipa Shell Medium Shellfish Quarry Field
Coast Clam Small Shellfish Coast Field
Coast Mussel Medium Shellfish Coast Field
Earth Shell Small Shellfish Tokyo Field Las Vegas Field
Ruins Shrimp Small Crustacean Ruins Field
Caves Shrimp Medium Crustacean 100px
Desert Crab Large Crustacean Quarry Field
Facility Mantis Shrimp Small Crustacean Facility Field
Tokyo Shrimp Medium Crustacean Tokyo Field
Vegas Lobster Medium Crustacean Las Vegas Field
Facility Squite Small Mollusc Facility Field
Naberius Turtle Medium Special 100px 100px Ruins Field
Amduscia Coral Medium Special 100px
Petit Rodos Huge Special Coast Field Facility Field
Model Ship Huge N/A Facility Field
Empty Can Small N/A Tokyo Field Las Vegas Field
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