Foie PSO2 icon
Element Fire
First Appeared in PSO Episode I
Phantasy Star Online
Power  ?
PP Cost  ?
Classes Forces
Phantasy Star Online 2
Power 513 at level 17
DEX Modifier 100%
PP Cost 20 at level 17
Burn 20% at level 17
Charge Time 1 second
Rarity Common

Foie (フォイエ) is a basic offensive fire technique, common throughout all difficulties. It uses the photons in the air around it to generate a ball of fire, which can strike multiple targets when fully charged.

The projectile released by foie continues until hitting a target directly. Enemies grazed by it will take full damage without stopping the projectile. For this reason, it can be advantageous to use manual targeting to aim foie so that it grazes enemies along a line.