Dragonkin are an enemy type in Phantasy Star Online 2 most commonly found in Amduscia's fields: Volcanic Caverns, Skyscape, and Sanctum. There are many different types of Dragonkin, each with different characteristics and body structures, but they all share the aspect of scales and reptilian features.

Volcanic Caverns DragonkinEdit

These Dragonkin are mostly orange in appearance, fitting in with their volcanic habitat. As such, they are all weak to Ice attribute PSO2 icon Ice.

Rare EnemiesEdit

Skyscape DragonkinEdit

The Dragonkin which roam Skyscape are typically blue in color, and many are similar to their Volcanic Caverns counterparts. They are all weak to Dark attribute PSO2 icon Dark, except for Caterdraal; it is a weird case where both Caterdra'n and Caterdra'nsa share the same rare form, so it is still weak to Ice attribute PSO2 icon Ice.

Rare EnemiesEdit

Sanctum DragonkinEdit

While exploring the Sanctum, ARKS will come across even more blue Dragonkin, many of which are even deadlier than those found in both the Volcanic Caverns and Skyscape fields. Sil Sadinian and Baridran can also be found in this field, and all of them are weak to Dark attribute PSO2 icon Dark.

Rare EnemiesEdit

Special DragonkinEdit

The following two Dragonkin aren't unique to any single field, but are rather related to the game's story. They are all weak to Light attribute PSO2 icon Light.

Rare EnemiesEdit

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