Demons are the native enemies of Omega, a strange alternate world created when Profound Darkness attempted to devour the Akashic Record. Born from the universe's memories, it is home to people long thought to be dead. A strange form of Mana known as Ephimera is capable of spawning these Demons. Their weaknesses vary between Fire attribute PSO2 icon Fire, Ice attribute PSO2 icon Ice, and Light attribute PSO2 icon Light.

General DemonsEdit

These Demons were the ones which initially appeared during Buster Quests in the Cuent Magic Kingdom; they also appear in every other area of Omega.

Verun DemonsEdit

Demons from the Verunian Empire appear during Buster Quests in the Verunian Empire as well as most other areas outside of the Cuent Magic Kingdom.

Enchanted Forest DemonsEdit

Within the Enchanted Forest field of Omega, ARKS will encounter Demons which first appear there; some will also appear in the Holy Kingdom of Epic and Es-Ars Federation.

Devil CastlesEdit

Devil Castles are the primary boss of Buster Quests. Which one appears is random, though Misil Gasud is exclusive to the Verunian Empire and Buster Valace is exclusive to the Es-Ars Federation. ARKS may only damage them during the two Attack Phases of the Quest, but they will continually assault the battlefield with their attacks for the entire duration. They are all weak to Fire attribute PSO2 icon Fire.

Red DragonEdit

Alis Landale is tasked with defeating the mythical red dragon upon its eventual resurrection; taking out Lutz is the catalyst which brings about said resurrection, so Alis enlists the help of ARKS in order to defeat her adversary. Dragon Atrum, while not red, is essentially a more powerful version of the same enemy. Both dragons are weak to Ice attribute PSO2 icon Ice and are not Dragonkin.

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