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The D-arkers (ダーカー), known Falspawn in the NA localization, are dark creatures which travel the universe in search of planets and creatures to corrupt and consume in Phantasy Star Online 2. The enemy of ARKS, they have the ability to twist space for their own benefit; most notably, they can teleport over long distances. There are many different kinds of Darker, each with its own special traits, and each led by a particular Dark Falz. Their corrupted variation in Ultimate Quests are referred to as DA-Aberrations. When confronted with the presence of native species of any planet, Darkers will turn and fight against them and will typically triumph. Almost all Darkers have a glowing, red core which takes extra damage when struck.

Insect Darkers

By far the most abundant category of Darker, the Insect Darkers can primarily be found in the Forest, Volcanic Caverns, Desert, Tunnels, Ruins, Sanctum, and Shironia fields. Chrome Dragon, which may spawn in almost any field, is capable of summoning Insect Darkers at any time.

Many members of this category have numerous limbs, fleshy skin, and sharp appendages. A large number will spawn during the Mining Base series of quests. They are led by Dark Falz Apprentice, and all are weak to Fire attribute PSO2 icon.png Fire and Light attribute PSO2 icon.png Light.

El Ahda.png
Dagan Egg.png
El Dagan.png
Sorza Brahda.png
Dark Ragne.png
Dark Vibras.png

Rare Enemies

Dagan Nero.png
Predicahda Nero.png
Rinze Drahda.png
Gwanahda Nero.png
Dark Agrani.png
Dark Rinzes.png

Aquatic Darkers

Also referred to as "Stone Darkers", the Aquatic Darkers can be found primarily in the Tundra, Skyscape, and Ruins fields. Members of this category have tough shells and face-like patterns on their bodies. They are led by Dark Falz Elder, and all are weak to Lightning attribute PSO2 icon.png Bolt and Light attribute PSO2 icon.png Light.

Ol Micda.png
Bomber Dahgash.png
Ga Wonda.png
Gu Wonda.png

Rare Enemies

Mi Micda.png
Dahgash Nero.png

Winged Darkers

Also referred to as "Bird Darkers", the Winged Darkers can be found in the Quarry, as well as all three fields of Wopal: Coast, Seabed, and Facility. Members of this category have feathers, wings, and beaks, though some take after bats moreso than birds. They are led by Dark Falz Loser, and all are weak to Wind attribute PSO2 icon.png Wind and Light attribute PSO2 icon.png Light.

Luda Sorcerer.png
Solda Kapita.png
Gul Solda.png
Deue Solda.png
Lanz Vareda.png
Bomber Vareda.png
Decol Malluda.png
Blu Ringahda.png

Rare Enemies

Bal Doublune.png
Bal Strahda.png
Bal Blundarl.png
Vada Lanzune.png
Nove Mallidarl.png
Nove Ringadarl.png

Toy Darkers

Toy Darkers can be found exclusively on the fields of Harukotan: Shironia and Kuron. There are only a few members, but most of them resemble various playthings for children They are led by Dark Falz Double, and all are weak to Ice attribute PSO2 icon.png Ice and Light attribute PSO2 icon.png Light.

Pitta Wadda.png
Parata Picoda.png
Bonta Bakuta.png
Bonta Bearadda.png
Bikuda Rabitta.png
Marda Tocatta.png
Orota Biketta.png
Codotta Idetta.png

Rare Enemies

Rota Biroketta.png
Baretta Idetta.png

Dark Falz

The Dark Falz are a few people who have been corrupted by the influence of the Profound Darkness and their extreme negative emotions. [Elder], [Loser], and [Double] each have a combat form, while all four Dark Falz have a giant form. Each one is weak to the same elements as the Darker type they lead.

Falz Angel.png
Falz Dourumble.png
Dark Falz Loser.png
Dark Falz Apprentice-Zia.png
Dark Falz Double.png


Persona (Hunter).png
Persona (Fighter).png

Related Enemies

Falz Arm.png
Apos Dorios.png
Apostle Dritzer.png
Dark Vibras Yuga.png
Dark Rinzes Yuga.png