Dark Falz Elder
Species Dark Falz
Weakness Light attribute PSO2 icon Lightning attribute PSO2 icon
Primary Field
ARKS Ship Wreckage
Dark Falz Elder (ダークファルス・エルダー) is one of the primary antagonists of Phantasy Star Online 2, and serves as the final battle of the Episode 1 arc. He is the final form of [Elder], and is primarily fought during the Utterly Profound and Profound Invasion quests. He leads the Aquatic Darkers.


At full power, Dark Falz Elder is quite sizable, comparable even to the planet from which he emerged, Naberius. His body is largely shaped like a pyramid or cone, with numerous stubs on the underside of his body culminating into a point at the top of his head. He has numerous eyes which run along either side of his head, around a fleshy red core at the center. He has numerous slits in his body through which a glowing red energy may be viewed. He has a large mantle attached to his back, which includes large, purple wings, as well as ten arms (twelve once four have been destroyed and he grows six in their place). Each arm has a fleshy red area underneath the wrist which has minimal resistance to oncoming attacks, as well as a glowing red core on each palm. His two lowest arms will forever guard a weak core on his chest, though after four arms have been destroyed, he will leave it unguarded. All of his arms (save for the lowest two) may be broken.


Dark Falz Elder has a large number of attacks at his disposal, many of which involve using his arms and lasers simultaneously.


  • Rotating to one side, he will thrust two arms forward
    • Once the first four arms have been destroyed, he will instead use three arms and attack using two lasers after the arms are thrust
    • On Super Hard and above, his lasers have freeze attributed to them
  • Leaning over the platform, he will smash two arms into the ground, which also send out shockwaves
    • Once the first four arms have been destroyed, he will instead use three arms
  • Holding two arms over each side of the platform, he will clap them together after a slight delay
    • Once the first four arms have been destroyed, he will instead use three arms on each side

The following attacks will only be used once the first four arms have been destroyed.

  • Immediately following the point where he grows six arms, he will fly far into the background and fling one meteor for each pair of arms
    • He can repeat this attack from this point onward, at which point he will fling one less meteor for each missing pair of arms
    • On Super Hard and above, his meteors have freeze attributed to them
  • Interlocking his two lowest arms, he will pound the ground in front of him, also sending out three shockwaves
  • Throws one dark ball diagonally across the platform for each surviving arm, followed by all the arms throwing their second ball in unison
  • Lowering his forehead to the platform, he releases a laser beam which swipes horizontally after a charge
    • On Super Hard and above, he pulls ARKS in during the charge, and has freeze attributed to the laser
  • Placing one arm on each corner of the platform, he will lift himself into the air and then slam his whole body down, causing stun


Prior to the StoryEdit

It is mentioned that there was a battle against Dark Falz Elder, which took place 40 years prior to the plot of Phantasy Star Online 2. He was merely weakened, but the Council of Six managed to seal him within the Ruins of Naberius.

Episode 1Edit

During the plot of Episode 1, Gettemhart makes multiple references to the fact that he seeks a real fight, against someone he considers equal to himself in power. It is later discovered that his end goal is to awaken Dark Falz Elder, and face him in battle as a challenge; this does not go according to his plan, however, for as [Elder] awakens, he possesses to the body of Gettemhart during Beginning of the End. A short while after Zeno uses himself as a decoy, allowing the player and Echo to escape, the two return to their Campship, only to watch as the full body of Dark Falz Elder emerges from Naberius and proceeds to attack the Oracle fleet.

After his defeat, it is revealed that he was not defeated for good, and is merely retreating after believing the battle against ARKS was a good fight; this also confirms that by taking over Gettemhart, [Elder] seems to have adapted a part of his personality. He is greeted by Dark Falz Apprentice, as well as Dark Falz Double and [Persona].

Episode 2Edit

In an attempt to prevent Dark Falz Elder from ever being awakened, the player is sent back in time by Xiao to accompany Maria and Sara in an attempt to defeat Falz Hunar before he locates his sealed powers. The battle proves futile, however, as [Persona] comes to stop the party, giving [Elder] enough time to retrieve his power from the tower at the center of the Ruins.

Episode 3Edit

When the player, Eucrita, Melrondia, and Afin are confronted by [Double] during Concealing the Past, Consuming the Present, [Elder] leaps into battle in an attempt to help the four of them from being consumed and absorbed. He fights off [Loser] Doppelgangers and [Apprentice] Doppelganers alongside the party, but when [Double] sneaks behind the group and tries to consume Melrondia, he blocks the attack. Caught in the process, he decides that the best course of action is to use his teleportation powers to take [Double] away with himself.

Later, in The Failed Masterpiece, due to the presence of [Elder] Doppelganers and clones of Falz Hunar within Double's Inner Universe, it can be inferred that [Double] was able to overcome [Elder], consuming him and absorbing his power.


Lv. Drops
01+  Pet icon Torim
 Ability icon Elder Soul
11+  Wand PSO2 icon Mace of Adaman
36+  Partisan PSO2 icon Lambda Raizenolk
 Twin daggers PSO2 icon Lambda Legzaga
 Double saber PSO2 icon Failnaught
 Launcher PSO2 icon Lambda Saint Kilda
56+  Sword PSO2 icon Ely Sion
 Wired lances PSO2 icon Falclaw
 Twin daggers PSO2 icon Niren Kamui
 Knuckles PSO2 icon God Hand
 Katana PSO2 icon Orochi Agito
 Gunslash PSO2 icon Celesta Laser
 Assault rifle PSO2 icon Elder Rifle
 Assault rifle PSO2 icon Yasminkov 7000v
 Launcher PSO2 icon Flame Visit
 Twin machine guns PSO2 icon Guld Milla
 Bullet bow PSO2 icon Nasuyoteri
 Rod PSO2 icon Elder Rod
 Rod PSO2 icon Psycho Wand
 Talis PSO2 icon Motav Prophecy
 Wand PSO2 icon Elysion
 Wand PSO2 icon Magical Piece
 Unit Rear PSO2 icon Rear / Eldihete (upper arms broken)
 Unit Arm PSO2 icon Arm / Eldial (second and third sets of arms broken)
 Unit Leg PSO2 icon Leg / Eldigahna (fourth set of arms broken)
66+  Candy icon Firm Roll
76+  Wired lances PSO2 icon Serpent Gigoros
 Double saber PSO2 icon Double Cannon
 Twin machine guns PSO2 icon Blitz Fender
 Twin machine guns PSO2 icon Yasminkov 8000c
 Jet Boots PSO2 icon Blanc Fluke
 Candy icon Hell-Bent Parfait


  • The Ice attribute PSO2 icon Ice and freeze effects on Dark Falz Elder's lasers and meteors were not originally present
    • They were added to his skillset when SEGA introduced Utterly Profound to replace the original quest
  • Dark Falz Elder shares some similarities with Dark Falz from Phantasy Star Online, both of whom served as the final boss of the first episode in each game
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