PSO features a small range of creature types, and one unknown type, often displayed as "???"

List of Types

  • Native
  • A.Beast
  • Machine
  • Dark
  • ???

Most levels have a creature type, and a set of common enemies. These usually consist of:

  • A small annoying creature (Mothmant, Reco)
  • A base for the annoying creature (Monest, Recobox)
  • A regular creature, with 3 variations in both strength, speed, and appearence (gi(go))booma)
  • A large and dangerous creature. (Grass Asassin)

In addition to the standard sets, there are also unique creatures that do no nessicarily relate to other creature types, such as Rag Rappy, Savage Wolf.

Episode 2, however introduced a number of new creatures, such as Delbiter, Deldepth (Dark), Dolmdarl (A.Beast), Recobox, and Sinow Zoa (Machine)