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Class is an essential part of Phantasy Star Online, determining the costumes available to the character as well as their stats and weapons. Once selecting, it cannot be changed without recreating the character.

Players are given the choice to play as one of twelve classes, named for its combat incilination, race, and gender. There were three types of classes: hunter (HU prefix), ranger (RA prefix), and force (FO prefix). There were also three races, each with both genders available: human (-mar and -marl suffixes), newman (-newm and -newearl suffixes), and androids (-cast and -caesal suffixes).


Description: "Proficient with bladed weapons. Hunters can also use a wide variety of other weapons. Although lacking in accuracy, they gain high attack power. Suitable for beginners."
Weapons: Sabers, Katanas, Daggers, Swords, Partisans, Slicers, Claws, Double Sabers, Twin Swords, Handguns, Mechguns

  • HUmar: "Excels in close-range combat. Has the most balanced growth potential. Has some recovery and attack techniques."
  • HUnewearl: "Has very strong techniques as well as being adept at close-range combat. Has the lowest HP of the Hunter class."
  • HUcast: "Expert at close-range combat. HUcasts have the strongest attack power potential of any class. Unable to use techniques, but can use traps."
  • HUcaseal[I&II]: "Close-combat expert with excellent reflexes that give her high accuracy and evasion. Unable to use techniques, but can use traps."


Description: "Proficient with guns. Rangers have excellent accuracy that allows them to hit from a distance, but lack attack power. Suitable for mid-level players."
Weapons: Handguns, Mechguns, Rifles, Shotguns, Launchers, Sabers, Partisans, Slicers

  • RAmar: "Excels in ranged combat. Has the most balanced set of abilities, and the highest accuracy potential. Has some recovery and attack techniques."
  • RAmarl[I&II]: "RAmarls have low HP, but their high mental strength compensates for it by providing strong attack techniques to support them in ranged combat."
  • RAcast: "RAcasts have the greatest attack power potential out of the Ranger classes. Unable to use techniques, but they can use traps."
  • RAcaseal: "RAcaseals have the greatest defensive power potential out of the Ranger classes. Unable to use techniques but can use traps."


Description: "Proficient with techniques. Forces are excellent as support. Their powerful abilities make up for their low HP. Suitable for advanced-level players."
Weapons: Canes, Wands, Rods, Cards, Sabers, Slicers, Handguns, Mechguns

  • FOmar[I&II]: "With low defensive power and low HP, FOmars are challenging to use. Their combination of techniques and quickness in combat make them unique."
  • FOmarl: "Besides excelling in support techniques, FOmarls are competent with weapons. This gives them mor balance growth potential."
  • FOnewm: "FOnewms are well balanced and excel in numerous techniques. They distinguish themselves with their powerful attack techniques."
  • FOnewearl: "FOnewearls have limited combat skills, but excel in both attack and support techniques. They have the highest mental strength / TP potential of any class."