Character Creation is an essential part of Phantasy Star Online and Phantasy Star Online 2. In order to play the game, players are given a range of options they can edit and alter to customize their character(s). Characters are locked to the Ship they were created on in the second game.

In Phantasy Star Online, players were given four slots from the time they started playing that could be used in both Offline and Online modes. Phantasy Star Online 2 originally presented players with a single character slot, while a second one was given out to all players when Code: Episode 2 was released (Players who joined after the update still get the second slot). Extra slots can be purchased with Arks Cash.


  • Human- A balanced race useful to beginners, they do not specialize in a particular field like the other races do. It is recommended that they play Hunter, but any class can be played effectively.
  • Newman- An evolved race of Humans with a much higher intelligence. They specialize in the use of Techniques, but lack in both power and defense. They are at their fullest when playing Force.
  • CAST- A mechanical race of androids originally engineered as a work-force. They are sentient and highly intelligent. With high accuracy and skill with guns, they make effective Rangers.
  • Deuman- A race of mutated Humans not playable in the original game, they are skillful in both melee and ranged combat, but lack a good defense. They make the most effective Bravers.
  • Beast- A very muscular race that is the result of Human DNA mixing with those of the creatures native to the planet Moatoob. They make very powerful Hunters, but are only playable in the Universe series.


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