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SassmasterMaxie SassmasterMaxie 23 August 2019

Just rambling...

I recently rediscovered how much I loved PSO so I've been adding stuff to the wiki as I go.

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CrusaderYaamni CrusaderYaamni 6 February 2012

Making a Featured Article

Hello, I am PokeminMaster, Admin of this wiki.

In this post, I will be showing how to get an article featured. To make an article featured, you must nominate it on the Featured Article Pole. In order to get it Featured you must:

  • 1 Put it's Name as a Header
    • 1.1 Votes For
    • 1.2 Votes Against
  • 2 Classes
    • 2.1 Votes For
    • 2.2 Votes Against

See [[|here]] for more information.

Put your reason[s] here.

For example, if I wanted to do Classes

See here for more information.

Classes determine what your character looks like, and what weapons you can use. Without a Class, there would be no playable characters, and certain weapons would be ignored if anyone could wear everything.

  • PokeminMaster

After setting up the section, you have to wait for at least five users to vote for it. …

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CrusaderYaamni CrusaderYaamni 3 February 2012

Welcome! Start Here!

Hello, I am PokeminMaster, Admin of the PSO Wiki! We are currently very new, with only 20 pages, and need your help! If you wish to help, click that edit button, and type away! Anyway, there are a couple rules you must adhere to:

  1. No Vandalism: It's stupid, wrong, and easily-fixed. There is no point.
  2. Do not ask for promotion: It's rude, and will prevent you from ever getting promoted (No one will get promoted for a while)
  3. Keep rude language to a minimum: It's rude to speak with foul language, but it is impossible to prevent. Excessive use will lead to a ban.
  4. Don't plagarize: You can use other sources, but don't copy their sentences. Facts and true stats can be copied without citation, but otherwise, just REPHRASE!

That's about it, for now, so go…

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