The Assault Rifle group (アサルトライフル系) is a series of ranged weapons in Phantasy Star Online 2.

Assault Rifles are moderately-sized guns mainly used for single targets, and adds to the character's R-ATK icon R-ATK when equipped. Most Assault Rifles can be equipped only by Ranger PSO2 icon Rangers and Gunner PSO2 icon Gunners, and a new character of the Ranger class receives a Rifle as their first weapon.


Assault rifle attack icon

Pressing the normal attack button performs an attack scaling with a character's R-ATK. This attack can hit a target at a distance, and hits a total of three times.

Up to three assault rifle Photon Arts can be set on the weapon palette; pressing the Photon Art button performs the first one in the palette, while holding the weapon action button allows the second and third photon arts in the palette to be used instead of the normal attack or first Photon Art. A character must have Ranger PSO2 icon Ranger or Gunner PSO2 icon Gunner as their class or subclass to use the Photon Arts.

Dive roll skill icon

Pressing the evade button performs a dive roll while wielding an assault rifle, regardless of class.

List of Assault RiflesEdit

For AssaultRifles of rarity ★1 ~ 12, see here.

Weapon Status Required Source
Rarity 13 stars
PSO2-Strauss Ver2 Strauss Ver2
Fire attribute PSO2 icon 30 R-ATK icon   865 ~ 1167 DEX icon 400
Chaotic Roar of the Dragon (XH+)
Xie (Weapon Badge 2016 Exchange)
Potential icon New-Type Oath
SAF icon Spirita Alpha
Ability icon Shoot III
Disk PSO2 icon Sneak Shooter
Ability icon Ability III
Ability icon Mutation I

Client OrdersEdit


The following client orders are no longer available, as Gunner PSO2 icon Gunner is now available from the start.


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