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Armor covers the body-worn protection and arm shields of characters. The are two types in each category:

Body armor coves both Frames and Armor, while arm protection covers Barriers and Shields.

All classes can equip Frames and Barriers, while only Hunters (HUmar, HUnewearl, HUcast and HUcaseal) and Rangers (RAmar, RAmarl, RAcast and RAcaseal) can equip Armor and Shields.

Each frame, armor, barrier and shield has a level requirement before it can be equipped, rather than relying on the DFP stat.

All protection equipment increases a character's DFP and EFP, plus also provides bonuses to the resistances (EFR, EIC, ETH, ELT and EDK).

Armor and frames can come with 'slots' where units can be equipped to further improve stats.