Aberrations are the result of Anga Fundarge's corruption mutating the various natives of Naberius, Lillipa, and Amduscia. The first two letters of each type determine the planet on which the enemies are normally found. All Aberrations have a source enemy from which they draw their basic design and abilities, but they are far more powerful and prove a greater threat. Certain bosses from each planet have been cycled to other planets.


NA-Aberrations make their home on Naberius, in Corruption Survey: Naberius. As corruptions of Natives, they are mostly based on real-world animals, though many of them are chimeras of sorts which combine multiple species together. They are all weak to Ice attribute PSO2 icon Ice.

NA-Aberration Original Native
Rare Enemies
Gulf, Gulfur did not have rare forms
Fangulf, Fangulfur did not have rare forms


LI-Aberrations make their home on Lillipa, in Corruption Survey: Lillipa. As corruptions of Machines, they are largely mechanical security drones, and some are formed through the fusion of multiple Machines. They are all weak to Fire attribute PSO2 icon Fire.

LI-Aberration Original Machine
Rare Enemies


AM-Aberrations make their home on Amduscia, in Corruption Survey: Amduscia. As corruptions of Dragonkin, they are largely reptilian creatures with crystalline scales and bodies. They are all weak to Lightning attribute PSO2 icon Bolt.

AM-Aberration Original Dragonkin
Rare Enemies
Deagalla did not have a rare form
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